During the approval process, citizens raised several safety concerns about the proposed development. The Planning Commission considered their input as well as the Safety Professionals in the Township.

The  safety concerns most frequently expresses by people in the community at the meetings were:

  1. Traffic ( see our seperate page devoted to traffic concerns);
  2. Emergency vehicles like ambulances creating frequent traffic hazards;
  3. Crime caused by the workers that Blossom Ridge would employ;
  4. Fire in the Blossom Ridge Center building.

The Planning Commission received input from staff, the Township Planning Consultant, the Fire Chief and others and responded to these concerns:

  1. The traffic caused by the proposed development will be only 1% more than would be caused by a single family subdivision on the site and would be far less during peak traffic hours;
  2. Emergency vehicle drivers are highly trained and do not create unsafe conditions;
  3. The hundreds of neighboring homes already employ hundreds of workers providing many services and there is no “crime problem” in the area;
  4. The Fire Chief said that, between his resources and those of surrounding communities, there is sufficient manpower and equipment to keep residents safe.

The conclusion was that Blossom Ridge would not create unsafe conditions for its residents or its neighbors,

Jim Foulkrod

1 thought on “Safety

  1. RH Resident

    Based on my own observations and anecdotal evidence: senior developments do incur higher fire and ambulance vehicle traffic, therefore decreasing the surrounding neighborhood’s quality of life (noise pollution of increased sirens frequency) and safety (pedestrians crossing intersections for trails along Adams Road and Dutton Road, especially our young children).

    I have heard, from the horse’s mouth, numerous stories of senior residents causing careless fires such as storing newspapers in their ovens, due to diminished mental facilities. Medical emergencies, don’t need to explain. It’s not a lack of confidence in the fire department’s capabilities or dexterity of ambulance drivers, but an aversion to living next door to a steady stream of medical and fire emergencies. Families in our neighborhood have a right to maintain the peace and safety we invested in.


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