Size of building

Some residents have expressed concerns about the size of the Blossom Ridge Building  and that it is out of character with the Township. The following video shows several large structures that are currently within the Township.

Some of these structures are much closer to the roads than what is being proposed in the Blossom Ridge Development.  Eagle Creek Academy is one example of this where there is essentially no ‘buffering’ from the roads.  All images are at approximately the same scale and viewing angle for comparison purposes.

Although the proposed building is large, it is not significantly different from other existing buildings in the Township.  In addition to the buildings shown here, there is a proposed 616 foot addition to an existing 120 foot long home on Freer Street.  The final structure would be approximately 736 feet long.  The overall length of the Blossom Ridge building is 450 feet.

RIchard Michalski


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