Does Oakland Township need Senior Disabled housing?

There appear to be some residents of Oakland Township that question the need for Senior Disabled housing in our Township.  Several years ago, the developer of the Blossom Ridge development used SEMCOG data to demonstrate to the previous Oakland Township Board that this type of development is needed in our community.  

At the November 7, 2013 Board of Oakland Township meeting, Supervisor Gonser indicated that he does NOT recommend approving the Special Accommodation use for the proposed development on the Northwest corner of Adams Road and Dutton Road in our Township.

The link below is a copy of the report that the developer provided the Township back in 2011 to demonstrate that there is a real need for this type housing in our township:

A Case for Senior Housing Compiled

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  The citizens of Oakland Township need to understand the data that demonstrates the need for such a development in our community.  They may then be in a better position to influence the Board in rejecting Supervisor Gonser’s recommendation to NOT approve the Special Accommodation request. This report will likely be used by the Federal Government in their investigation into discriminatory zoning practices in Oakland Township if the Board rejects the request.

Richard Michalski

2 thoughts on “Does Oakland Township need Senior Disabled housing?

  1. francis p.Hughes

    The Special accommodation request for 228-282 living units A/K/a Blossom Ridge is nonsensical at best. The average number of living units per development at Brookdale and Emeritus with a combined total of 1,129 developments is 98.9 living units . Most of the residents
    of Oakland Township are agreeable with a max of 126 units as long as Our Zoning Ordinance
    is adhered to with regard to height, width, minimum size of living units, ADA compliance, etc. Mr Michalski should learn the definitions of advocate and shill before spouting his factless conclusions.about zoning practices in Oakland Township.
    Francis P. Hughes, e-mail

    1. richardjmichalski Post author

      If the number of units was reduced to 126, that would only accommodate 2.9% of the senior population over 55 years of age in Oakland Township. That percentage is LOWER THAN ANY OF OUR SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES as presented in the file included in the original post. If Blossom Ridge was approved at the 228 number, that was offered by the developer, that number would be 5.2%. The 5.2% would put Oakland Township in the middle of our surrounding communities percentages for EXISTING facilities. We currently have ZERO facilities in Oakland Township. These numbers are based on the 2010 census figures. The senior population of all the communities is expected to increase in the future.

      I recommend that the citizens of Oakland Township read the Special Accommodation ordinance and understand the intent and requirements of the ordinance. That document is included in the post titled “Supervisor Gonser recommends NOT approving Special Accommodation for Disabled Elderly in Oakland Township.”

      I also recommend that the citizens review the side by side comparison of the points raised by Supervisor Gonser and my counter points and make your own conclusions as to whether Gonser’s arguments are justified.


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