Referendum Results – What Now?

The Oakland Township residents have rejected the proposed rezoning for the Blossom RIdge Senior Development.  The unofficial results were 72.5% opposed to the Development and 27.5% in favor of the Development. However, the issue has not gone away!

  • The Township Board still has to deal with the Special Accommodations request made by the Developer.
  • The Federal Investigation into discriminatory zoning practices is still ongoing, and will continue until probably sometime in September.
  • If the Investigation results in substantial finding supporting a discriminatory zoning practice in Oakland Township, the matter will move forward to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for prosecution.
  • If the DOJ is successful, Oakland Township may be faced with having to accept the Development (at potentially a higher density than what the Developer has proposed in his current plan), and also pay fines.

Please read the Recent Post titled “Possible vision for what could be in store for Oakland Township?”

The following is an Oakland Press article published on the referendum results:

RIchard MIchalski

3 thoughts on “Referendum Results – What Now?

  1. oldcarman

    So when is Mr. Moceri going to sue the township … again?
    The last time he lost a referendum, he sued for $23M, then the economy tanked & he was saved from going bankrupt by not starting to build, in time for the Great Recession.


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