Preferential treatment of large land owners

Supervisor Gonser makes a statement in a speech implying his desire for preferential treatment for large land owners in Oakland Township.  The amount of land a citizen owns should not influence how they are treated by the Township.

Terry Gonser

At the February Community Outlook Luncheon, Supervisor Gonser made some comments about Citizen Property Rights.  Here is a video of those statements:

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  The Planning Commission has been working on updating Ordinance 16 (our Zoning Ordinance) for the past few years.  This proposal is now on the Board’s ‘desk’.  Since the Zoning Ordinance is one of the most important documents the Township uses to manage development in the Township, the Board may modify the Planning Commission’s proposal to give preferential treatment to large land owners.  This is not how Oakland Township has been managed in the past!

Do you like the way Oakland Township has developed?

Do you think our ordinances have served us well in the past?

Do you think Oakland Township’s ordinances have been too restrictive?

Are you concerned that Supervisor Gonser will change the ordinances and give preferential treatment to large property owners?

Are you concerned about what we might get if the ordinances are loosened?

Richard Michalski

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