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Opportunity to provide input on State Redistricting proposals

As you may know, the States have an opportunity to establish new boundaries for US House Districts, State Senate Districts and State House Districts. The districts are redefined every 10 years after the new Census data is obtained. Since the Census was taken in 2020, we now have new data to establish the boundaries.

Gerrymandering by both parties has been a historical issue in many States, including ours. Several years ago, our voters had a referendum to eliminate the politics in establishing the boundaries by having bipartisan citizens participate in establishing the boundaries, so neither party is advantaged by the new boundaries. One objective of the process is to try to make as many districts “competitive” so as not to drive our politicians too far to the ‘left’ or ‘right’.

The new boundaries for our state are to be defined by the end of December. You have an opportunity to provide input to the plans tomorrow either by written notice, virtual participation in meeting, or actual participation at meeting being held in Ann Arbor. (Sorry for the late notice, I just found out about this)

Here is a link to the information on the meeting. (I will share my analysis of the US Representative district proposals at the end of this message.)

The bipartisan committee has several proposals for each of the Represented positions. For the US Representative, there are 5 proposals. For the State Senate, there are 6 proposals. For the State House Representatives, there are 4 proposals. You have an opportunity to provide input on any and all of these.

As I stated above, one of the objectives of the bipartisan citizen committee is to have the boundaries try to create as many competitive districts as possible. There are a total of 13 Michigan districts.

I will now show two graphs for two of the proposed US Representative district plans. One of them creates 3 competitive districts (based on past voting precinct preferences). One proposal creates only 1 competitive district. Competitive is defined by having a near 50/50 Democrat to Republican split for a district. Oakland Township residents are in the 9th district in all of the proposals except one. In one of the proposals, Oakland Township is split between the 9th and 10th districts.

Here is the higher competitive district proposal titled “Chestnut”. In this proposal, 3 of the 13 districts are competitive (districts 3, 7 and 9).

Here is the much less competitive district proposal titled ” Lange”. This proposal only has one competitive district (district 7).

None of the other three proposals create as many competitive districts as “Chestnut”. It is for that reason, that “Chestnut” is my preferred proposal for the US Representative districts.

You are encouraged to go to the State’s website link, analyze their various proposals, and provide your input for each of the type or districts being analyzed.

  • US Representative
  • State Senate
  • State Representative

Eliminating Gerrymandering, as a political tool used by those in power, is something that our State’s citizens have voted to eliminate, or at least reduce. Your informed input can help eliminate some of the extremes on both side or the political aisle.

Thanks, and once again sorry for the late notice!

Richard Michalski

Paint Creek Cider Mill LLC lease extended for one year.

Amid the backlash and controversy from the recent Oakland Township Board decision to change the vendor at the Paint Creek Cider Facility, the winning vendor has retracted their bid for providing that service.

Here is a link to another article explaining the decision, and the subsequent Board action:

Township Board is changing vendor at Paint Creek Cider Mill

At the October 26th Oakland Township Board meeting, the Board made a decision to change the vendor who leases the commercial space at the Paint Creek Cider Mill. Their decision was not unanimously supported. Three of the Board members wanted to retain the current provider who is Paint Creek Cider Mill LLC. The four other Board members supported changing the vendor to Cookies and Cream/ Sprout Bake. This change will take effect in January of 2022.

The type of food available to Oakland Township citizens and those using the Paint Creek Trail will change dramatically. The current vendor has a fairly large menu with Pizza, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and miscellaneous items. The new vendor will sell ice cream, baked goods, and indicated that they would bring in sandwiches from other suppliers not at that location.

Attached is a copy of the menu from the current vendor:

Attached is a copy of the proposed business plan from Cookies and Cream:

The decision by the Board will significantly change the character of the Paint Creek Cider Mill, and the character of that facility in Goodison.

The Board’s decision is probably irreversible, but you may want to share your thoughts on their decision at their next meeting, which is scheduled for November 9, 2021 at 7 PM at the Township Hall on Collins road, just north of the cider mill.

Former Oakland Township Parks Commission member David Mackley passed away

The residents of Oakland Township owe much to the hard work of David Mackley who has recently passed away. David was a member and leader of the Oakland Township Parks Commission for many years. The wonderful Park System that Oakland Township has is due, in a large part, to the hard work of David and the others who have served on the Parks Commission. It is fitting that his Memorial Celebration will be held this Saturday at the Cranberry Lake Park in Oakland Township.

Here is the information on Dave’s passing, published in the Oakland Press:

On May 29, 2021, David Mackley, loving husband and father, passed away at the age of 85. Dave was born August 16, 1935, grew up in Rochester, MI, graduated from Rochester High School in 1953, and graduated from GMI in 1957. He was employed at Pontiac Motor as a designer for 47 years. He was active in Oakland County 4-H for 25 years and an Oakland Township Park Commissioner for 33 years. He is survived by Bonnie, his wife of 59 years; sister-in-law Janie Brookbank; son Lawrence Mackley (Katrina), grandchildren Rachelle, William, Rebekah, Ke’Landra, Emillie, Kourtne, Elizabeth, and Scott, and great-granddaughter Layla Brown; as well as daughter Jodi Mackley Berger (Justin) and grandsons Toryn and Celzian.

A memorial gathering will be held June 12 from 2 to 4 p.m., 2:30 service, at Cranberry Lake Park, 388 W. Predmore, Oakland.

To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit  Sympathy Store.

Oakland Township Water Storage Location discussion and possible decision

The Oakland Township Board will be discussing several possible locations for the mandated water storage facility for the South West portion of Oakland Township at the October 27, 2020 Board meeting. The meeting starts at 7 PM, and will be a virtual meeting.

This water storage facility will ultimately provide a backup supply of water for many of the subdivisions which are part of community well systems in the South West portion of Oakland township. This has been in the planning process for several years, and will be a significant part of Oakland Township’s ongoing infrastructure.

Here is a link to the Virtual Meeting website. You should be able to join the meeting at 7 PM. There are a number of other agenda items that will be covered before the water storage topic is discussed.

Virtual Meeting link

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

October 27, 2020 BOT agenda

Here is a Preliminary Water Master Water Storage Plan for Oakland Township from about a year ago:


Richard Michalski



What is the world coming to when a neighbor attacks another neighbor for putting up a political sign on their lawn? 

On September 3, at about 9:30 AM, I decided to put up a political sign on my front lawn for a person that is running for the State Representative in my district.  I already had signs up for Biden and US Representative Slotkin.  One of my neighbors offered to help because she knows I have balance issues walking up the slope.  As we were putting in the sign, another neighbor (who I did not know) was walking his dog, and asked me:

“What can Biden do for me?”

I responded by saying:

“If I need to tell you, I cannot help you.”

At this point he got very belligerent and angry.  He then said:

 “Biden is a fuc—- moron and hides in his basement.

He then commented on the other two women, for whom I had signs up:

“They are fuc—- whores and cun–!”

He then approached me in a threatening manner and I asked him to keep his distance, since I was not wearing a mask.  (Both my wife and I are in the EXTREME risk group).  I raised my cane to try to ensure he kept his distance.  He then spat on me.  I could see large droplets coming my way.  I was probably 4 to 5 feet away from him at this time.

I had my Tahoe back door open, and I sat down on the bumper area when he spat on me.  He then tried to take a swing at me, but missed.  He then proceeded to slam the Tahoe rear door on the top of my head. 

I pulled out my iPhone to capture this on video, and he called me a:

 “Fuc— Socialist and Communist”

As he started to walk away, the neighbor said that I better take care of my head, since it appeared there was a skin flap from the injury.

I did not see any blood, so I immediately determined that I needed to figure out where this neighbor lived.  I drove around the block to get a better picture of him, and try to figure out where he lived.  

He threated me by saying:

“I’m going to break your fuc—- car with my shotgun!

I looped around the block one more time to see if I could see what house he went into.  I saw him stop at what I believed was his driveway.  When I turned the car around he was already in his house.

I immediately went to our County Sheriff’s sub station, and filed an assault charge against him.

The neighbor who helped me witnessed all that occurred in front of my house.

The Police took my report as well as taking a picture of my injury, took a report from the neighbor who helped me, and also talked to my assailant and his wife.  The Police officer came back to my house and told me that his wife said he is a diabetic, and when he gets low blood sugar he gets angry and belligerent.  She believes he had low blood sugar that made him so angry.  The Police officer also said that the assailant claimed he did not slam the Tahoe’s back door on my head.  He said I banged it when I stood up. The Police officer asked the couple if they had any guns.  They indicated they had, and that they were locked up, but did not have any ammunition.

The Police officer asked me what I wanted to do.  I told him that I wanted to press charges.  He will fill out the required paperwork and I may hear from the Prosecutor’s office if and when a court date would be set.  The neighbor was not taken into custody, since this would only be a misdemeanor assault charge.

The assailant is a relatively new resident in my subdivision.  There are Trump and Biden signs scattered throughout the subdivision.  He has several Trump signs in his yard.

GETTING BACK TO MY ORIGINAL QUESTION: What is the world coming to when a neighbor attacks another neighbor for putting up a political sign on their lawn? 

Many of the words that my neighbor used were almost verbatim of what I have heard on FOX news.  Yes, I watch multiple channels in order to get a balanced perspective on news.  Trump has rightly challenged that violence must stop.  Unfortunately, he does not challenge the violence that comes from his supporters.  

Trump’s poisoning of the very character of our country is now a personal issue for me.  His encouraging people to act violently against those who disagree with him, and even offer to pay their legal expenses, is beyond the pale.  If you have ever watched movies of what happened on “Kristallnacht” in Germany in 1938, I saw the same hatred in the eyes of my neighbor.  Drawing similarities between what Hitler did to the moral compass of Germany’s citizens and Trump’s actions is not irrelevant, or a misinterpretation of what we are becoming.

If a deranged person, or a person who does not properly take his/her medication, can demonstrate the level of anger I experience today because of a love for Donald Trump, we not only need to remove Donald Trump from office, but we also need to make sure our gun laws are changed to protect against ‘sick’ people from having access to guns.  That is why I am voting for Biden!

By the way, I am currently not a gun owner.  However, I will be purchasing some guns to protect us from my neighbor.  Yes I do support the second amendment, as does Biden.

We all need to think about what might happen if Trump is defeated.  Some of his deranged supporters may take violent actions against their neighbors who support Biden.

We are “One Nation under God”, but we need leadership that works to keep us together not divide us.  May God help us in these difficult times.

Please consider voting for Biden in November.  I know we are in a Republican area, and I have been Republican in the past, but, there is more at stake than what you might think.

Richard Michalski

Oakland Township August 4th Primary results – THANKS FOR VOTING!

Oakland Township had historic levels of voter turnout for a summer election.  Thanks to everyone who participated in making it happen!

HERE ARE THE ELECTION RESULTS: (click on the images to enlarge them)

Supervisor position:

  • The Republican candidate in the November election will be Dominic Abbate.
  • The Democratic candidate in the November election will be Ralph Jessee Jr.

Treasurer position:

  • John Giannangeli – who ran unopposed

Clerks position:

  • Robin Buxar beat AnneMarie Rogers

Trustee positions (4 available):

  • Jack Elder
  • Dave Mabry
  • Lana Mangiapane
  • Andy Zale
  • Robert Patrician and Terry Gonser were defeated

Parks Commissioners:

  • All 7 Republican candidates won the Republican candidate positions for November

  • Lisa Fitzpatrick Sokol won a Democratic candidate position for November

OPC millage:

  • Passed handily


So, What lies ahead?  Historically, there have been very few Democratic challenges for Oakland Township positions.  As a result, the candidates who won the summer primary were the elected officials after the November election.  This year we have Ralph Jessee Jr. running against Dominic Abbate for Supervisor, and Lisa Fitzpatrick Sokol running as a Democrat for one of the 7 Parks Commission seats. As always, we will have to wait until the November election to finalize Oakland Township’s leadership team, but we will have some local choices to make when we vote on November 3rd.

Thanks again for voting!  We hope the information we provided helped you in making your decisions.

Richard Michalski

Reminder to Vote on Tuesday August 4th


Our next Township Leadership team will essentially be selected in that election.  Please click on the following link to review information on many of the Township Candidates.  

Remember, in this election, you cannot split your votes between political parties.  If you are a Democrat, consider voting using the Republican ballot.  Remember ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL.  


Clerk candidate Anne Marie Rogers has history of “Breach of Trust” as Township official

The Township Clerk’s office has access to private information of Township residents.  The person who holds that office must be above any reproach regarding maintaining confidentiality. 

In 2015 the Township Board issued a resolution against, then Park’s Commissioner, Anne Marie Rogers for sharing Attorney Client Privileged with, then Supervisor Gonser and another Township Board members as well as private citizens.  The resolution was issued after an investigation by the Attorneys for the Township and the Parks Commission.  The resolution passed in a 6 to 0 vote.

Here are the words from that July 28, 2015 resolution:

 “There has been an inappropriate release of privileged and confidential and/or Attorney/Client protected communications which constitutes a Breach of Trust and is hereby repudiated.” and further “It is improper to fail to disclose any unauthorized receipt of privileged communications prior to entering deliberations pertaining to matters discussed in the communications.” 

Anne Marie Rogers is now running for the Township Clerks office.

The resolution also states that then Supervisor Gonser failed to disclose the unauthorized receipt of confidential material.

If you want to read the supporting information for this post, please visit:

Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?  The Clerk’s position requires absolute trust for the person sitting in that seat.  Past violations in ability to maintain confidentiality should disqualify a person from holding that position.  We have a person who has performed honorably as a Trustee, that person is Robin Buxar.  Please review Robin’s qualifications posted on this website, and compare that to Anne Marie Rogers record.

Terry Gonser is also on the ballot for a Trustee position.  Please consider his involvement in this incident, as well as the many previously reported issues regarding his leadership when you fill in your ballot for the August Primary.

Richard Michalski

More information on Anne Marie Rogers

Over the past 4 years, there are many new residents and voters in Oakland Township who may not be familiar with some of the candidates.   In order to help voters make informed decisions when they select the leaders of our Township in our August primary, I have extended an invitation to all the candidates to provide their campaign information to be share with Township residents.

I have receive information from most of them.  Their information can be seen by clicking on the dropdown menu titled “2020 Election Candidates” at the top of this page.

For some of the other candidates who have not provided their campaign information, but have documented previous actions in our Township, I will be posting previous post information in the hopes that it will provide some insight into each of these candidates.

Attached is a video of Anne Marie Rogers past interaction with our Township leaders and fellow citizens.  She is running for Township Clerk against Robin Buxar.