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Reminder to Vote on Tuesday August 4th


Our next Township Leadership team will essentially be selected in that election.  Please click on the following link to review information on many of the Township Candidates.  

Remember, in this election, you cannot split your votes between political parties.  If you are a Democrat, consider voting using the Republican ballot.  Remember ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL.  


Clerk candidate Anne Marie Rogers has history of “Breach of Trust” as Township official

The Township Clerk’s office has access to private information of Township residents.  The person who holds that office must be above any reproach regarding maintaining confidentiality. 

In 2015 the Township Board issued a resolution against, then Park’s Commissioner, Anne Marie Rogers for sharing Attorney Client Privileged with, then Supervisor Gonser and another Township Board members as well as private citizens.  The resolution was issued after an investigation by the Attorneys for the Township and the Parks Commission.  The resolution passed in a 6 to 0 vote.

Here are the words from that July 28, 2015 resolution:

 “There has been an inappropriate release of privileged and confidential and/or Attorney/Client protected communications which constitutes a Breach of Trust and is hereby repudiated.” and further “It is improper to fail to disclose any unauthorized receipt of privileged communications prior to entering deliberations pertaining to matters discussed in the communications.” 

Anne Marie Rogers is now running for the Township Clerks office.

The resolution also states that then Supervisor Gonser failed to disclose the unauthorized receipt of confidential material.

If you want to read the supporting information for this post, please visit:

Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?  The Clerk’s position requires absolute trust for the person sitting in that seat.  Past violations in ability to maintain confidentiality should disqualify a person from holding that position.  We have a person who has performed honorably as a Trustee, that person is Robin Buxar.  Please review Robin’s qualifications posted on this website, and compare that to Anne Marie Rogers record.

Terry Gonser is also on the ballot for a Trustee position.  Please consider his involvement in this incident, as well as the many previously reported issues regarding his leadership when you fill in your ballot for the August Primary.

Richard Michalski

More information on Anne Marie Rogers

Over the past 4 years, there are many new residents and voters in Oakland Township who may not be familiar with some of the candidates.   In order to help voters make informed decisions when they select the leaders of our Township in our August primary, I have extended an invitation to all the candidates to provide their campaign information to be share with Township residents.

I have receive information from most of them.  Their information can be seen by clicking on the dropdown menu titled “2020 Election Candidates” at the top of this page.

For some of the other candidates who have not provided their campaign information, but have documented previous actions in our Township, I will be posting previous post information in the hopes that it will provide some insight into each of these candidates.

Attached is a video of Anne Marie Rogers past interaction with our Township leaders and fellow citizens.  She is running for Township Clerk against Robin Buxar.

Previously Unreported 2017 Incident – Terry Gonser again involved in incident with neighbor

In July of 2014, it was reported that a neighbor of Terry Gonser had requested a PPO (Personal Protection Order) against him.  Here is a previous post regarding the outcome of that request with the judge’s comments:

Unofficial Results of Personal Protection Order hearing against Supervisor Gonser

In December of 2017, there was another incident between Terry Gonser and that neighbor.  Here is a link to an article on that incident:

Article on Terry Gonser 2017 incident

Here is a photograph of Terry Gonser’s ‘booking’ for the 2017 incident:

Gonser Booking photo - 2017

Why is this important to the Citizens of Oakland Township?  As we consider whom to vote for in the August primary election, remember that most of the winner’s of the Primary election WILL be the candidates that will take office after the November general election.  That is true since there are very few Democratic candidate running for local positions.  There are no Democratic candidates running for Oakland Township Trustees, the position Gonser is seeking.

Do we really want to have Terry Gonser be one of our leaders?

2020 Candidate Information – Andy Zale running for Oakland Township Trustee position

My parents moved to Oakland Township in 1985.  My wife and I bought our house in Oakland Township in 2007.  We have three children who are all growing up in the childhood neighborhood I loved.  My father and I own a financial services firm where I work as a Certified Financial Planner ™.

Currently I serve as the Chairman of the Safety Paths and Trails Committee and as an alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals.  I also serve as a Trustee for the Six Rivers Land Conservancy.  Previously I served as the Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission and as Secretary for the Paint Creek Trailways Commission.

My two priorities are fiscal responsibility and good governance.   I feel we have an excellent staff at the Township and I hope to bring similar excellence to the Board of Trustees.  We have an amazing township and I would like to protect our natural beauty and limited development.

Warm Regards,

Andy Zale

2020 Candidate Information – Robert Patrician running for Oakland Township Trustee

Robert Patrician for Oakland Township Trustee

Thanks for the opportunity to share information on my run for township trustee.

I have lived in Michigan for 34 years and for 19 years I have lived in Oakland Township.  My wife and I love living in Oakland Township and the way of life that it offers.  For 17 years I was the President of the KingsRidge at Oaklands Homeowners Association.

I retired after a 35 year career working in progressively more responsible jobs in Finance and General Management.  The last 8 years I was President of an international auto parts supplier making suspension components and systems for the automotive industry.  I have extensive domestic and international experience in planning and budgeting operating expenses and capital expenditures.  Experience I believe will be invaluable in carrying out the responsibilities of an Oakland Township Trustee.

I am seeking the Trustee position for two reasons.  First, I was approached by several Oakland Township residents who encouraged me to run.  Many of these residents had worked with me on Homeowner Association issues common to many subdivisions in the southwest corner of the Township.  Second, several Township Trustees and Office holders have indicated their desire to exit the BOT or to seek other positions in the Township.  This has created the opportunity for residents who possess leadership abilities to and the necessary experience to offer to serve on the BOT.  I am confident I have those qualities.

I have several goals when I am elected.

  • To always vote in a manner that acts in the best interest of the community.
  • Be a calm, thoughtful voice that represents the whole township.
  • Change the narrative so that all outcomes are identified and discussed.  There should not be a culture that identifies winners and losers.  There is always a third option which is to attempt to craft a compromise that answers everyone’s concerns.

Priorities as I see them.

  • Closely review the financial condition of the Township in light of possible revenue reductions caused by the current pandemic.  State revenue will be severely impacted by the virus pandemic and what effect may that have on revenue earmarked for the Township.
  • Continue strong support for the park and open spaces in the Township.
  • Police and Fire Protection. I have long supported efforts to locate a Fire Substation on the Adams Road corridor that would be closer to major developments in the South West corner of the Township.  Senior and assisted living and memory care options now available would seem to demand a closer presence and faster response times.  Fire Department changes may also be required after the completion of the 2020 census.
  • Develop a consistent strategy on the maintenance of gravel roads.  The condition of many of those roads has to be improved.
  • Water and Sewage.  There are new requirements for water storage and there is a general need to improve the quality and taste of the water.
  • Determination of the long term financial responsibility for repair and maintenance of already installed safety paths. The current situation of multiple responsibilities for sections of the system and the financial burdens imposed on some individual subdivisions in the long term is not workable and a reasonable compromise needs to be developed.

Richard, thanks again for the chance to share information. Let’s all work to end up with the best BOT we can for Oakland Township.


Bob Patrician

Be an informed Oakland Township voter – learn about the candidates


Now that the July 4th holiday is over, many of you will begin to consider whom to vote for in the August primary.  Some of you may already be filling out your absentee ballots.  As you deliberate on all the candidates, please review biographical information provided by some of the candidates to this website.  Not all have provided information.  Offers have been made to all the candidates to have their information published.  We thank those who have provided the information, and look forward to receiving it from the others if they choose to provide it.

Please go to the top of this webpage, and click on “2020 Election Candidates”.  A dropdown menu will show up where you can click on the various candidates who have provided information.  You will be able to see their information.

Several candidates, who have not provided information, have some of their past Township involvement documented on this website.  You can learn more about them by reviewing that history.  These candidates include: 

You can click on each of their names and it will take you to a list of the past posts on this website where they are mentioned.  

Thank You!

Richard Michalski




2020 Candidate information – Dave Mabry running for Oakland Township Trustee position

Thanks for the opportunity to give you some information on myself and having it put onto your website.

  • Grew up in a very small village in the Irish Hills area of Michigan.
  • Lived in Oakland County since 1977, shortly after finishing undergrad and starting a career with Chrysler.
  • Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Math from Michigan State University.
  • Earned a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.
  • Lived in Oakland Township since 1994.
  • Raised three children in Oakland County.
  • Worked for Chrysler/DaimlerChrysler/FCA for 42 years as an Electrical Engineer in the testing area of Engineering (Highland Park and then Auburn Hills Tech Center).  Retired two years ago.
  • Volunteer as a rescue diver for various boat races in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.
  • Avid SCUBA diver in the Great Lakes, and the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers.  I LOVE shipwrecks.
  • Never held elected office, so quite a novice at this.

The reason I am now running for the Board of Trustees in Oakland Township is a desire to give back to the community in which I was fortunate to raise three wonderful children and in which I held a rewarding career.

I am a small government, low tax, conservative.  All the work I do and decisions I make are through that lens.  Elected representatives should do what the term suggests.  They should represent the wishes of their constituents, to the point of pushing their own personal biases aside.  That is what I will do if I am elected to the Board of Trustees.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dave Mabry