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Will Township Board approve Iron removal treatment facilities to two water systems in Oakland Township?

If you live in one of two regions in Oakland Township that are serviced by a community water system, the Township Board will be making decisions that will impact your water bills in the future.  You may have responded to a Water System survey that had been sent to you in the past.  The survey results are in.  The Board will be making their final decisions based on the results of the survey and any further input they receive from impacted citizens.

At the October 24, 2017 Oakland Township Board meeting, a representative from the Oakland County Water Resource Commission (WRC) presented the results of a survey requested by the Board regarding issues pertaining to two water supply systems in Oakland Township.  The two issues the Board was hoping to get citizen input on were:

  • The location of the required water storage facility for each of the two systems, and
  • Whether the citizens, serviced by those systems, wanted to add, and pay for at approximately $400 per year, a centralized iron removal system.

The results of the survey indicate that the majority of the citizens who responded are not supportive of adding the centralized iron removal system, although a minority of respondees indicated they had severe iron issues. They also indicated they wanted the water storage facilities to be as hidden as possible, and as low in cost as possible.

The Township Board unanimously approved a motion to have the WRC undergo an engineering study to determine the possible locations for the water storage facilities. The locations are to be large enough to allow for the possible addition of iron removal facilities.

The Board did not take action on the iron removal treatment issue. There was some concern expressed by at least one Board member that, even though the response to the survey was high (32% & 38%) based on typical survey results , he wanted the survey results to be more visible to the impacted residents before making a decision.  No official action was taken by the Board on this issue.  It will certainly be discussed at future Board meetings.

In order to help communicate the results of the survey, I have attached the following images.  As previously stated, there are two regions impacted by these decisions.  A map and survey results are shown for each.  They are only the highest level findings from the survey:


The following map shows all the community well systems in Oakland Township.  This map, along with the ones shown above, may provide a better understanding of the areas that will be impacted by the Board’s decision.

If any citizens want to review the entire survey results , please click on the following link and review pages pages 30 through 116 .  If you want to provide input to the Township Board, either send them a letter with your thoughts on this issue, or watch for this topic on future Board agenda’s and attend the meeting to provide your input.

October 24, 2017 Board Meeting Packet

Richard Michalski

July 11, 2017 Township Board meeting – Board will discuss citizen survey regarding municipal water storage sites and iron removal treatment

On July 11, 2017 the Township Board will consider the content and format of a citizens survey regarding potential iron removal treatment of the delivered water and the location of storage sites for the municipal water systems in our Township.

All resident will be impacted by the location of the storage facilities, but only those who are serviced by the system will be impacted by the decision regarding iron removal.  The survey is intended to gather citizen input for the Board to consider before they make decisions on these matters.

A map of the various municipal water system districts are shown on the following map (click to enlarge):


The draft survey is attached.  Please review the attachments and attend the July 11, 2017 meeting to add your comments. The meeting starts at 7 PM and will be held at the Township Hall on Collins Road.

OAT Southeast District Survey 070717 wrc_1

Richard Michalski

WE’RE BACK! Attention – Important Board meeting on February 14

It has been several months since we published any articles on the Oakland Township Watchers Website.  The hiatus was due to a number of things:

  • The activities in the Township have been fairly limited since the new Board took office in November (we will provide a summary of some of the more notable items that have occurred over the past few months in a future post),
  • the holidays, and
  • personal reasons that have prevented the authors from spending time on the website.

With all of that said, the February 14 2017 7PM, Oakland Township Board meeting has one agenda item that could impact a large number of our Township residents.  That item deals with the proposed Water System Ownership, Operation and Maintenance agreement between the Water Resource Commission and Oakland Township. If you live in one of the districts shown on the following map, your water system may be impacted by decisions that the Board may make.  The Water Resource Commission will be at the meeting to give a presentation on their proposal. Your water rates may be impacted by any decision the Board will make.  The Board is not planning on making a decision at the February 14 meeting, but your questions and input could help them make an informed decision at a later meeting.


If you are interested, please attend the 7 PM meeting on February 14, 2017 at the Township Hall located on Collins Road.

Richard Michalski

PS:  We have appreciated the support we have received from many Oakland Township residents for this website over the past (almost) four years.