Board refuses to sign Principles of Township Governance Pledge

The Board approved an ethics document that clearly indicated their signatures were needed, yet five of the seven Board members refused to sign the Principles of Governance Pledge.

At the June 11, 2013 Oakland Township Board meeting, the Board approved a “Principles of Township Governance” pledge that had been developed by Trustee Keyes.  This document can be seen here:

Principles of Township Governance Excellence document

However, the only Board members that signed it were Trustee Keyes and Trustee McKay.  The others refused to sign it.  Please watch the Board’s discussion on this subject.

Even though Trustee Thalmann voted to accept the Pledge, she indicated she would not sign it, and would rely on her oath of office. Does she not want to be held accountable to what she just approved?  Please watch Trustee Thalmann’s comments.

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  We elected the officials to be accountable for the actions they take.  By voting for the document, but not signing signing it, they clearly indicated they did not want to be accountable to the very fine principles defined in the document.  What else are they not accountable for?

Why did the Board approve the Pledge knowing that they would not sign it?  The Pledge form clearly indicated signatures were desired.

If they signed the Pledge form did they feel they would be held more accountable to meet those standards?

Richard MIchalski

4 thoughts on “Board refuses to sign Principles of Township Governance Pledge

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