Number of Legal opinions sought for Blossom Ridge

The Township Board has sought out opinions from 4 different attorneys on the Blossom Ridge Senior Development project, as well as seeking an opinion from the State Attorney General.   Historically, only one or two opinions were required for the Board to make a decision.  This Board appears to be ‘shopping for an attorney’ that supports their opinion.

Regarding the Township Board’s attempt at understanding the legal issues associated with the Blossom Ridge rezoning request, they solicited input from several attorneys. After getting input from 3 attorneys, they requested a fourth opinion at the December 11, 2012 meeting.  Here is the motion:

In addition to obtaining opinions from four attorneys, at the same December meeting they made a motion to pursue obtaining a State Attorney General opinion (discussed elsewhere on this website).

Why is this important to the citizens Oakland Township? The cost for the opinions cost the Township residents money.  Searching for an opinion that is compatible with what the Board desires, may not be in the Township’s best interest.   At the July 9th Board meeting a citizen asked the Board who is responsible for punitive damages due to actions or inactions the Board has taken based on Legal Counsel. Supervisor Gonser responded, “The Citizens”.

  • Why did the Board need four legal opinions?
  • Were they searching for a position that they wanted to hear?

Richard Michalski

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