Supervisor Gonser requests legislative change without Board approval

Supervisor Gonser writes a letter to Oakland Township’s two State Representatives to initiate legislation to preclude “Agenda 21” initiatives from being included in State legislation.  He makes this request on behalf of the Township residents, without discussion with other Board members or the residents.

In the following letter, dated March 31, 2013, Supervisor Gonser asks the two State Representatives for Oakland Township to introduce legislation “to preclude further encroachment of Agenda 21 in Michigan Legislation”. The two representatives are Brad Johnson – District 46, and Tom McMillin – District 45.  Here is the letter by Gonser representing all of the Citizens of Oakland Township.

03-31-2013 Gonser asks State Reps to ban UN Agenda 21

His letter is another unilateral decision that he has made without any input from other Board Members or Citizens.  This action is an inappropriate use of power for his position.

Do you feel comfortable with Mr. Gonser making statements on your behalf without having an opportunity to provide your input?

Do you think his action was an inappropriate use of power?

Richard Michalski

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