Treasurer Langlois refuses request

Treasurer Langlois not only refuses to provide a copy of a document she read from, she denies the document exists.

At the March 12th Oakland Township Board meeting, the Adams Road Safety Path and Boardwalk was on the agenda.  After hearing the public comments, Treasurer Langlois spoke for 7 minutes on the reasons why she was not supportive of the project.  During those seven minutes, she made statements and allegations that several residents wanted to confirm.  One of our residents sent Treasurer Langlois a request for a copy of the prepared statement she read. Here are excerpts from the 7 minute statement. The response received from Treasurer Langlois was:

“My comments at the meeting did not come from a prepared statement.  There is no typed, formatted grammatically correct, complete copy.”

There are enough adjectives describing the “copy” that her statement is probably legally correct, but clearly there was a prepared statement that she refused to provide.

Why is this important to the citizens?  We expect honesty in our leadership, especially from the Treasurer who ‘controls the purse strings” for our Township.

Do you think her response was truthful?

What was her motivation for denying the request?

Do you think honesty is an attribute the Treasurer of our Township should possess?

March 16 letter and Treasurer Langlois response to request

Richard Michalski

1 thought on “Treasurer Langlois refuses request

  1. Robet A. Yager

    Dear Anonymous Blogger:
    This board is the first to put meetings on television and videotape for all to see at anytime, why is not this recording adequate?


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