Statistics on growth of “Board/Manager” form of community governance

Supervisor Terry Gonser is proposing going back to the form of Township governance our community had prior to 1998, where his position would be a full time position.  There are several 2016 Oakland Township Board candidates that support Terry Gonser’s re-election candidacy, and presumably support his desire to make this change.  Statistics published by the […]

Kalamazoo Township joins the growing number of townships with our form of governance

In December of 2015, the Charter Township of Kalamazoo approved a motion moving their township from a full time Supervisor form of governance to one with a part time Supervisor and a professional manager.  They concluded their community would be better served by having a form of governance similar to Oakland Township’s. Our current Supervisor, […]


The editors of this website have reached out to all of the candidates that are running for Oakland Township Board positions this summer.  We have asked for their opinion on an important issue facing our Township.  The issue pertains to the form of governance Oakland Township will possess in the future.  Will it be the […]

Board of Trustees Appoints One Planning Commissioner and Planning Consultants

At the 10/27/15 meeting of the Board of Trustees Supervisor Gonser appointed, subject to Board of Trustees’ approval, Dominic Abbate and Lana Mangiapane to fill the commission’s vacancies. You can view their applications using the links below. Mangiapane PC Application Abbate PC Application Mr. Gonser first asked for a motion for the board to approve his appointment of Ms. Mangiapane .  […]