Former Trustee Thalmann and Current Park’s Commissioner Rogers DID forward “Privileged and Confidential” material!

At the April 28, 2015 joint Oakland Township Board and Oakland Township Parks and Recreation meeting, the attorneys for both bodies presented their findings regarding the investigation into whether any Township Officials had improperly, and potentially illegally, forwarded “Privileged and Confidential” material to others.  Their findings indicated that both former Trustee Maureen Thalmann and current […]

PRC Commissioner Rogers accuses a “cabal” of Open Meeting Act violations

Early in December Parks Commissioner Anne Marie Rogers forced Parks Director Mindy Milos-Dale to allow her to log on to the Director’s computer and read and copy her emails.. At the Dec. 11 2013 Parks and Recreation Commission meeting Commissioner Rogers  accused Commission members Mackley, Peruzzi, Tomboulian and Barkham of being a “cabal of four people who […]

Oakland Township August 4th Primary results – THANKS FOR VOTING!

Oakland Township had historic levels of voter turnout for a summer election.  Thanks to everyone who participated in making it happen! HERE ARE THE ELECTION RESULTS: (click on the images to enlarge them) Supervisor position: The Republican candidate in the November election will be Dominic Abbate. The Democratic candidate in the November election will be […]

2020 Positions and Candidates

THE TOWNSHIP BOARD POSITIONS The Candidates for Township Supervisor are: Ralph Jessee, Jr. – Democratic candidate Dominic Abbate – Republican candidate and current member of the Planning Commission The Candidates for Township Clerk are: Robin Buxar – Republican candidate and current Board Trustee member AnnMarie Rogers – Republican candidate The Candidate for Township Treasurer is: […]

Oakland Township 2020 Candidates

The 2020 Primary elections are scheduled for August 4, 2020.  At that time, Oakland Township residents will have an opportunity to select the Democratic and Republican candidates that will be on the November General Election ballot.   The positions on the August and November ballots include the Township Board officers and Trustees, as well as […]

Parks Commission and Board ‘ticket’ candidates are recommending ‘NO’ vote on Parks renewal millage

At the June 27, 2016 “Meet-and-Greet” candidate event that Trustee candidate Lana Mangiapane set up, it was discovered that ALL of the Parks and Recreation Commission and Board candidates that were sponsoring this event are recommending a ‘NO’ vote on the Parks renewal millage.  They are running for office as a ‘ticket’   One of their documents […]

Park’s Commissioner Roger Schmidt admits ‘sabotaging’ subcommittee meeting

At the April 13, 2016 Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC) meeting, Parks Commissioner Roger Schmidt admitted that he attended a PRC subcommittee meeting with the intent that the meeting would be terminated.  The official subcommittee members included Alice Tombulian, Ann Marie Rogers and Joe Peruzzi.   Roger Schmidt disregarded previous input from the Parks and Recreation attorney, […]

Please attend September 9th Parks and Recreation meeting if you want to help restore integrity in Oakland Township

Please attend the Wednesday September 9, 2015 Parks and Recreation Commission meeting that will be held at 7 pm at the Township Hall on Collins Road. The Commission will be considering a motion to censure Commissioner Ann Marie Rogers for a breach of ethical and honorable behavior. Citizen support is needed if we want to […]

Further insight into the Agenda 21 conspiracy thinking of some of our elected officials

At the May 13, 2015 Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC)  meeting, there was a proposal to have the Oakland Township PRC become part of the Oakland County Trails, Water and Land Alliance.  Parks Commissioner Ann Marie Rogers expressed her concern that this is part of an ‘overreach’ plan by the Environmental Protection Agency. […]