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Six of seven Township Board members announce their candidacy for Board positions

This year is a major election year.  Not only will we be voting for the President, but our Township Board and Parks and Recreation Commission positions will be on the ballot.  As you may recall, the primary election will take place on August 2, 2016.  The general election will be November 8, 2016.  Please put these dates on your calendar.

The editors of this website received a letter from one of the current Board members announcing the following:

For immediate release:

Six of the current members of the Oakland Township Board of Trustees have announced their candidacies for the November 2016 election.

Mike Bailey, trustee, is running for Township Supervisor. Mr Bailey has been a trustee since 2008 and previously served 20 years on the Planning Commission, the last several years as its chairman.

Township Clerk Karen Reilly is running for re-election. She is currently serving her first 4-year term as Clerk.

Township Treasurer Jeanne Langlois is running for re-election. She is currently serving her first 4-year term as Treasurer. She is also a member of the township Safety Paths and Trails Committee.

Robin Buxar, trustee, is running for re-election. She was appointed to the township board in November 2013 and elected to the position in 2014.

John Giannangeli, trustee, is running for re-election. He was appointed to the township board in April 2014 and elected to the position in 2014. He also serves on the township Planning Commission (since October 2013) and previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Review.

Frank Ferriolo, trustee, is running for trustee. He was appointed to the township board in May 2015. He also serves as a member of the Paint Creek Trailways Commission.

It should be noted that current Trustee Mike Bailey has decided to run for Supervisor.

The campaign season has begun, and this website will provide information on the candidates as information becomes available.  We hope that it will help our citizens make informed decisions in August and November. Any editorial comments will be noted as such.

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township? The primary election is usually the more important election for the local positions since that is when the political parties nominate their candidates.  Since our community usually elects the Republican candidates in the general election, the election in August will most likely determine who will sit on our Township Board and Parks Commission.  Please make sure you vote on August 2nd.

Richard Michalski


Township Board appoints Robin Buxar to fill Judy Keyes’ seat

As stated in an earlier post on this website, the Oakland Township Board’s November 7th meeting had an agenda item to appoint a temporary replacement for Judy Keyes, who resigned from the Board on October 21st. More can be read about her resignation by going to:


The Board had 30 days to replace Judy Keyes after her resignation.  If they did not fill the position by a Board appointment, the seat would have to be filled through a special election.  The appointment is only official through November of 2014.  

An election will have to take place in November of 2014 in order to elect a replacement to fill the seat for the remainder of the term, which is November of 2016.  There will be primary election taking place in August of 2014 to determine the candidates that will run in the November 2014 election.  

At the November 7th meeting, Trustee Thalmann made the recommendation to appoint Robin Buxar.  They did not announce the names of all the other people that had submitted their names for consideration for the position.  Robin’s nomination was unanimously approved.

Buxar Application2013_11_07 .

Robin Buxar has been very active in participating in various Township meetings.  She has been a very vocal supporter of the current Township administration.

Based on a request from one of our readers, Patricia (see below), I have added copies of all the applications from citizens that were interested in the open Board seat.  Here is that link:

Trustee Applications 2013_11_07 .

You can read more on Buxar’s involvement in Trustee Thalmann’s attempt to “ambush” the Blossom Ridge development by reading an earlier post on this website. Here is the link:


After Trustee Thalmann nominated Robin Buxar, and citizen comments, Thalmann said “I am glad to call her friend!”

An example of “who you know – not what you know????”

Richard Michalski