UN Global Conspiracy

In 1992 the United Nations approved a document called Agenda 21. It is a non-binding agreement signed by 178 countries. It promotes sustainable development that simultaneously promotes economic growth, improved quality of life, and environmental protection. President George H.W. Bush was among the 108 world leaders present at the UN conference when the document was adopted.

Supervisor Gonser’s strong convictions about how our government should react to Agenda 21 are made clear in two documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act:

    1. 03-31-2013 Gonser asks State Reps to ban UN Agenda 21

This email asks State Representatives:

      • Tom McMillin (92% on Michigan Tea Party Scorecard) and
      • Brad Jacobsen (75% on Michigan Tea Party Scorecard) to introduce legislation “to preclude further encroachment of Agenda 21, a.k.a Sustainable Development, in the Michigan Legislature”

Gonser’s email shows that he is against this program for sustainable development, and believes our ordinances have been infiltrated by Agenda 21 initiatives as part of a global conspiracy.

11- 25-2012 Gonser email – Planning Commissioners should understand UN Agenda 21

In this email Gonser advises the Board of Trustees about choosing a person to become a Planning Commissioner. He says ” our representative … should be knowledgeable in UN Agenda 21.”

    • So Gonser wants to fill the planning commission with people who believe our ordinances have been infiltrated by Agenda 21 initiatives as part of a global conspiracy.

Our Beautiful Township has benefited from a dedication to the protection of forests, wetlands, waterways and natural features.  Many of our environmental protection ordinances predate UN Agenda 21 by many years.  Now we have elected a Township Supervisor who believes our past practices are part of what the Tea Party believes is part of a global conspiracy.  Oakland Township will not benefit from far right wing reaction to an imaginary global conspiracy.

To get a better idea of what the extreme conservatives in the Tea Party believe will be the outcome of the UN Agenda 21 initiatives, please watch a video that Glenn Beck, a famous conservative, has produced to promote his book “Agenda 21” . Watch the Video.

Jim Foulkrod

3 thoughts on “UN Global Conspiracy

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  2. richardjmichalski

    Supervisor Gonser needs to understand the motto on our Township symbol – “Curamus Terram” – “We care for the land”. This motto predates any UN document.

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