Former Oakland Township Clerk fills Supervisor vacancy

The Oakland Township Supervisor vacancy created by the November resignation of Township Supervisor Dominic Abbate was filled by former Clerk Robin Buxar at the January 10, 2023 Township Board meeting. The remaining 6 members of the Township Board had the responsibility for determining who would fill the position.

As previously reported, the five candidates for the position included Clerk Robin Buxar, Treasurer John Giannangeli, Trustee Andy Zale, James Carter, and John Markel. Robin Buxar was selected to fill the position in a 4 to 2 vote. Buxar received the necessary 4 votes from John Giannangeli, Jack Elder, Dave Mabry and Robin Buxar. The selection took effect at midnight on January 10th.

Since Buxar had been elected to the Township Clerk’s position, the Township has 45 days from January 10th to fill that position. The selection will take place at a future Township Board meeting.

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