Gonser accuses other Board members of Open Meeting Act violation

At the January 13, 2014 BOT meeting, Supervisor Gonser made an unsubstantiated accusation that four of the Board members met outside a public meeting discussing a Resolution that was being proposed.  If this occurred, it would have been a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

 Gonser’s accusation was made after a motion to reaffirm Ordinance 97 (which defines the authority of our Township Superintendent/ Manager).  His accusation was part of a very emotional 4 minute statement when he apparently felt he was being accused of inappropriate actions.

Three of the Board members immediately challenged Gonser’s statement, and indicated that they had never met as Gonser had stated.

As previously reported on this website, the Board did take two actions to restrain Gonser’s actions to what he statutorily possesses.  They want to  ensure that the Supervisor does not perform duties outside his authorized responsibilities.  Gonser and Thalmann have made multiple attempts at expanding his authority by having the Township governance changed to a “Strong Supervisor” structure.

Here is a video of Gonser’s statement and the Board member’s response:

Why is this important to the citizens of Oakland Township?  Gonser’s public unsupported accusation that other Board members have violated the Open Meetings Act is highly inappropriate and significant.  Given that he has made that accusation, our Township Attorney should determine if Gonser’s accusation can be supported.  If not, Gonser may have violated the Township’s ‘Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Policy’, as well as the ‘Board approved Principles of Township Governance Excellence’.

As one resident has recently stated, he believes Gonser’s actions have now escalated to the point of ‘malfeasance’.  The Board needs to hold Gonser accountable for his statement by either asking for the supporting data for his accusation, or demand a retraction of his accusation.

Gonser’s lashing out at fellow Board members, former Trustee Judy Keyes, disregarding our township attorney’s assessment, and lashing out at the accuracy of this website appear to be occurring because he is frustrated that he cannot get what he wants.

Mr. Gonser needs to understand that our Township is governed by a Strong Board through majority rule!

Richard Michalski

11 thoughts on “Gonser accuses other Board members of Open Meeting Act violation

    1. richardjmichalski Post author

      Paranoia is defined as “a psychosis marked by delusion and irrational suspicions”. Certainly, I hope the investigation into the accuracy of his accusation proves to be false, and therefore one of his ‘irrational’ suspicions.

      However, I believe his aggressive nature at the last meeting is more significant, and is a reflection that he recognizes that the Board is no longer agreeing to his many unauthorized authoritarian actions. Many of those actions have been DOCUMENTED on this website and are not suspicions but FACTS. He has called them ‘gotcha’ posts, denying the truthfulness of them. There is probably another psychological category for people that refuse to accept the truth.

      He does not like the ‘choker chain’ that the Board appears to be placing on him, so he is barking out and biting in response.

  1. Bob Yager

    The interests of the citizens of Oakland Township would be best served by Mr. Gonser’s immediate resignation. He has proven to me over the past 2 years that he is either unwilling or incapable of proper functioning as an elected official. His possible good intent is irrelevant. I have fired people in my industrial career whose intent was not in question – it was their performance.

  2. alanjadams

    OK. so let’s assume Gonser’s a “lame duck” one way or the other. . .

    What/who’s next? Who is lining up behind the duck to take over: both short- and long-term?

  3. disappointedresident

    Gonser has completely destroyed the reputation of the administration and governance of our Township that was impeccable to the surrounding communities, county offices, non-profits, community groups, and most importantly, State and Federal Agencies. It is now all severely tarnished and many relationships that were built with the Township over years, even decades are now poisoned. NOW, he wants to destroy the reputations of the other Board members who are finally standing up to him to hold him accountable in his repeated unauthorized and unlawful actions, as well as those of decent private citizens. I agree with Mr. Yager, the only thing left for Terry Gonser to do is resign. Enough is enough, and everyone, (except his cheerleader Maureen Thalmann) has had enough!

  4. sharon mckay

    I don’t think he is goiong to resign or follow the motion made by the board. The supervisor has had too loose of a reign for a long time. I think he started showing his true character to the public several meetings ago when he said to Mr. Michalski; ‘Fortunately, I don’t answer to you.’ It would seem to me that a petition may be in order to put on a ballot at the next election to have him remove from office by the electorates.

    Former Township Trustee

  5. Marty Rosalik

    If a recall is going to get going, it better be quick. In 2012 Michigan made many changes in recall filing requirements. Given the ways to stall and delay, a recall will most likely not be viable after this spring.

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